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Happy Family

We provide accommodation to anybody experiencing temporary or ongoing conditions in a harmful environment. We aim to ensure immediate accommodation is given to those in need, allowing them to improve their situation from a safe and stable environment.

Our ethos is that accommodation must be a home, not a house. We are purposeful when considering living conditions and properties, ensuring that each accommodation is a good fit, by taking careful consideration of every individual’s unique needs. Ultimately, we are focused on providing the best service possible.

Support services

Social support refers to the psychological and material resources provided to help individuals cope with stress. It is often this provision that gives people the strength to carry on and thrive. Our support structures encapsulate every aspect of the individual's life, paying particular attention to improving wellbeing and mental health.


Our support plans are goal-oriented because we aim to work together and achieve. This focus provides direction and a sense of self-purpose, to help maintain motivation, especially during setbacks. We are mindful that our approach to supporting is compassionate, yet purposeful in action with the mission to improve lives and build for a better future.

Support Group
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Education is a powerful agent of change, one which facilitates stability and social improvement. Our programmes are designed with two objectives in mind; develop essential skills to live independently and help people find their route towards finding a stable job and suitable employment.


Life skills such as managing money, shopping, cooking, running a home, maintaining social or professional networks are essential for living independently. This training is different from support, in that the aim is to promote self-sufficiency. We also work together with clients to develop career plans specifically tailored to the individuals’ skills, situation and passion. Local education institutions provide qualified teachers to ensure effective instruction. With our holistic approach to education, we can make a positive change.


Non-profits all have the goal of bettering the world and making a difference - however, we still need to secure funding to meet and pursue our mission. This funding helps to strengthen our three pillars - accommodation, social support and education.


Fundraising is not just a means of raising money, but also a way to promote the message and goals of our organisation. We are always looking for like-minded people, so if you share our passion, please join us.

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